Rules of Admission


Selection of students shall be made strictly on the basis of merit determined through combined entrance test to be conducted by the selection committee of Bihar State Private Dental Colleges Association,


  1. This Dental College is run by a registered Charitable Trust ‘Om Seva Trust’ which is subjected to control of the Govt. University and Dental Council of India. If any loss / inconvenience is caused to the student due to any reasons beyond the control of this institution. Then the institution shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever.
  2. This rules for the admission to B. D. S. Course to this Dental college are as per regulation framed by Dental Council of India and in the light of apex court’s judgement in P.A. NamdarCase2005 (6)S. C. C. 537.
  3. All candidates at the time of admission in this Dental College are required to give the following declaration:-

I hereby solemnly and voluntarily declare that after being admitted to 1st year B. D. S. Course in Sarjug Dental College Laheriasarai, I shall faithfully comply with the rules and Regulations made for Governance of the college and attached hospital and all acts, rules and laws on forced forthe time being. I, hereby, undertake that so long I shall be student of this college, I shall do nothing inside or outside the college premises which mayimtire’disciplinary action against me under the rules of the college. I further undertake that so long I shall be student of this college I shall not  damage any property of the college, Hospital/Hostel in any manner soever failing which I shall be liable for payment of the damages.

I fully understand that the Principal or the college authority of the college where I am being admitted shall have full authority to expel me from the college for violation of any point of the above declaration and undertaking and in that event I shall have no right to raise any objection legal or otherwise on my expulsion.

Date:                                                                                                                                                         Signature ofthe Student.

4.   All the particulars in the application form must be written carefully and clearly by the candidate in his/her handwriting. Application which is incomplete with regard to the required particulars or enclosures will be rejected.

5.   If any of t he statement made in application from or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/her studies at this Dental College and fees and other prescribed charges will have to be forfeitted.

6.  If the students while studying in this Dental College are found indulging in anti-national activities or activities contrary to the provisions ofAct and Laws enforced by the Government, they will be liable to be expelled from the college without notice by the college authorities.

7.  PAYMENT OF FEES & OTHER PRESCRIBED CHARGES: The selected candidate shall be required to pay the fees and other prescribed charges at the time of admission in the college, failing which his/her admission will be cancelled.

8. EXECUTION OF BOND: The parents orguardian of the selected candidate will be required to execute a Bond in the form as mentioned below :-


I hereby declare that I hold myself responsible and liable to make timely payment of all the prescribed fees and dues. Le. annual tution fee. Hostel rent and other charges payable to “Sarjug Dental College Laheriasarai Darbhanga” in respect of my son/daughter/ward._________ during his/her studies and thereafter until all the accounts / dues are cleared.

I further undertake that in case my above named son / daughter / ward leaves the college before
completion of B. D. S. course at his own motion, in that event I shall be liable to make payment of the tuition fee
for remaining years of full B. D. S. Course, my son/daughter/ward, shall not be entitled to get back his/her
original. Academic documents lying with the college. Apart from this, the college management shall have right
to recover from me the tuition fee for the remaining period / years offull B. D. S Course even through the court
of law, to which we shall have no objection whatsoever.

Date:                                                                                                                      Signature ofparents/guardians ofstudents