Human Physiology & Biochemistry

Physiology is the branch of science dealing with the study of functions of living beings. It is a dynamic study of life describing the vital functions of living organisms at organ, cellular and molecular levels. The term Physiology is a combination of Greek word physis, meaning “nature”, and logos, meaning “science” or “study”.

Adequate number of theory classes in all the topics as prescribed by the university. Students are trained in practical classes to perform experiments related to subjects of Physiology and Biochemistry independently and perfectly. Clinical experiments conducted as demonstration classes.
Periodical internal assessment conducted to ascertain the scholastic performance of the students.Frequent workshops, seminars, assignments and discussion conducted to keep the students abreast with latest trends in Clinical and Non-clinical Biochemistry.

1 Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Sharma Reader
2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Reader
3 Dr. Ashok Kumar Purbey Lecturer
4  Aishwarya Khare Lecturer
5  Chandan Kumar Singh Lecturer