SDCH`s Overview

The importance of education has always been the same since the beginning of time. It also been emphasised in the “Neeti Shaktkam”, written by Bhartahari in first century BC, as:

“Education is the special manifestation of man. Education is the treasury which can be preserved without the fear of loss. Education secures material pleasure, happiness and fame. Education is the teacher of the teacher. Education is the god incarnate.”

Today, we continue to advance our role in dental education by maximising student success and institutional effectiveness. Our innovative training allow students to develop personalised academic and career plans based on their goals, interests, abilities and learning capabilities and help them stay on forefront.The significant contribution made by the institution is the result of sustained and dedicated efforts of all the stakeholders, members of academic council, faculty, administrative staff, alumni and our beloved students.

Our pursuit of excellence always exists and we would proceed with vigour to scale unprecedented heights in academics. Our aim is to transcend beyond the narrow confines of academic education and embrace the contemporary dimensions of education as a whole. We are confident that our institution will set new benchmarks of performance in the years ahead.



“To be a recognized dental college known for innovative educational programme, research transfer of scientific knowledge, superior skills of a graduate and the highest degree of oral health service.”


  • To conduct high quality dental education programme at undergraduate, post graduate and postdoctoral level.
  • To help foster acquisition of knowledge in basic, behavioral and clinical sciences so as to prepare the graduates to enter the general practice of dentistry, dental specialities, research and teaching.
  • To encourage research in areas of fundamental oral biology, dental medicine and disseminate this knowledge through discovery oriented methodologies.
  • To provide comprehensive, primary and specialized oral health care to people of all socioeconomic cultural groups and inform the public about the prevention and treatment of oral diseases.


The institution goals on translation into academic programs, meet the global and national demands of oral health care professional services and research.

Our Objective

The objective stated in the mission are developed from inside-out approach and value orientation is done to all the stakeholders through deliberations, website and prominent display.